À La Carte Menu

Soup of the Day
Delicious home-made farm style soup. Ask your waitron for details.
Salmon Caesar Salad
A combination of fresh seared salmon and a classic Caesar salad with quail egg and drizzled off with Caesar dressing
Chef's Salad (V)
Freshly picked garden greens tossed with chef's choice of vegetables and a tasty dressing
Venison Carpaccio
Shavings of venison carpaccio topped with rocket, button mushrooms & goats feta salad and pistachio dressing
Asian Marinated Calamari Steak
Calamari steak marinated in lime, chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander served on a salad of dikon, bean sprouts and Asian greens and drizzled with teriyaki sesame dressing
Smoked Salmon Terrine
Freshly smoked salmon terrine with fresh lime and a light garden vegetable salad tossed with a mustard chive dressing
Mozzarella and Brinjal Salad (V)
Mozzarella cheese and tomato fondant wrapped in roasted brinjals, presented with an aragula salad and herb oil dressing
Crispy Mediteranean Tart (V)
Grilled Mediteranean vegetables on a puff pastry basket accompanied with onion compote and apricot balsamic dressing
Duck and Black Cherry Spring Roll
A blend of duck and black cherries wrapped in spring roll pastry crispy fried served with ginger and orange compote.
Exotic Beef Strips
Masala and Cape Malay flavoured beef strips sauteed until tender and then finished with a spicy chakalaka drizzle
(V) = Vegetarian
Main Course
Braised Lamb Shank
Lamb shank slow braised for five hours in red wine and rosemary, served with a brown lentil ragout and seasonal steamed vegetables.
Cavatappi Ai Funghi (V)
Cavatappi pasta tossed in tomato sauce, mushrooms and artichokes, finished off with basil pesto.
Ostrich Fillet
Prime cut ostrich fillet medallions grilled to medium-rare served with sweetcorn polenta chips and ratatouille and ostrich jus.
Neptune's Fork
Calamari stuffed with prawns and baby tomatoes, set on potato discs with grilled line-fish and mixed vegetables, accompanied by a creamy white wine and pepper sauce.
Fillet of Scottish Salmon Supporting the Endangered Wildlife Trust
Fillet of fresh Scottish salmon, grilled to medium rare. Served with fluffy mashed potatoes and topped with a herbed caper salsa.
Eric's Prawns
Whole prawns simmered in our version of sauce Naçionale, rounded off with a dash of parmigiano.
Catch of the Day Supporting the Endangered Wildlife Trust
A specially prepared catch of the day. Ask your waitron for details.
Cape Seafood Curry
De-shelled prawns, mixed with calamari and mussels, cooked in a classic coconut milk curry. Served with assorted sambals.
Falkland's Calamari
Tender Falkland's calamari, flash fried and tossed in a sweet chilli and orange glaze. Accompanied by fragrant basmati rice and stir-fry.
Ostrich Potjie
Tender ostrich neck slow braised in port wine and fine herbs, and finished with steamed vegetables. Served with a herbed potato puree.
African Beef Fillet
250 grams of beef fillet chargrilled and served with a vegetable casserole and roasted potatoes and drizzled with a sun-dried tomato demi-glaze.
Venison Pastry of the Day
Venison casserole slow braised in merlot, rosemary and thyme covered with flaky puff pastry, served with garden vegetables and basil pesto mash potatoes.
Roast Duck
Oven roast duck breast and leg infused in citrus marmalade sauce, served with baby spinach, braised red cabbage and potato croquettes.
Chicken Kiev
Chicken breast stuffed with herb butter on a bed of flavourful fried cabbage and finished off with a rich gravy.
Grilled Venison
Chargrilled venison of the day. Served with biltong sauce and seasonal vegetables and baby potatoes.
Pad Thai (V)
A stir fry of vegetables, glass noodles, egg, tofu and crushed peanuts. Our take on a classic Thai dish.
Medley of Vegetables (V)
Stir fried vegetables in lemon grass, coconut milk and fried tofu.
(V) = Vegetarian
Our fromagerie has a selection of local and imported cheeses. Ask your waiter for details of available cheeses.

Local and foreign cheese platters are charged on a 'Salon Quantite' basis i.e. per weight and cost of the individual cheese.

Ranging from R105.00 to R150.00 per person.
Chocolate Torte
A rich dark chocolate torte, resting on crushed pecan nuts and finished with forest berry compote.
Ice Cream & Sorbet
A selection of traditional ice creams served with a chocolate sauce or sorbet served with a berries coulis. Three scoops in a portion.
Traditional Crème Brûlée
A classic vanilla cream pudding topped with a crispy caramel crust.
Sticky Toffee Pudding
A rich sticky pudding smothered in toffee and served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.
Amarula Tiramisu
A classic Italian dessert incorporated with an African amarula liquor and finger biscuits. Served with fresh raspberry coulis.
Cake of the Day
An indulgent dessert special of the day.

A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to parties of 8 people or more

We regret that NO cheques will be accepted