Terms & Conditions

  1. A deposit is required in order to secure and confirm reservations for all tables larger than 12 people and for all functions held in private areas.

  2. The deposit requested for both private and non-private tables of 12 people or more and is dependent on the function menu chosen. The amount of the deposit is equal to the function menu price x the number of people booked for. (For example: Menu 1 (R375 per person) x 10 people = R3750, which will be the deposit required).

  3. ALTERATION POLICY FOR PRIVATE AND NON PRIVATE GROUP BOOKINGS: In the case of all group bookings, you are required to pay for the selected menu for all guests as indicated in the initial booking. Please note that you are furthermore required to confirm your number of guests 72 hours before the date of the booking. If your number of guests has decreased at this stage, we will do a refund or, you can use the additional money towards your drinks bill. This means that all guests who fail to arrive on the day will still be charged for and Browns will therefore add the cost of the selected menu to the bill. At this stage we would have incurred costs related to the food preparation.

  4. CANCELLATION POLICY FOR PRIVATE AND NON PRIVATE GROUP BOOKINGS: In the event of a function being cancelled and a deposit has already been paid, a refund of that deposit will be done in accordance with the schedule below. Please note that: if the booking is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the actual date of the function, there will be no cash refund. Costs and losses incurred by the restaurant, as a result of the cancellation, will be determined in all cases.

      30+ days = 100% Refund

      15-29 days = 50% Refund

      0-14 days = 0% Refund

  5. The outstanding balance of all bills less the deposit paid is payable on the date of the function.

  6. Browns does not run accounts. Should you wish to do an electronic transfer payment after the date of the function, this must be authorised in writing by the restaurant 72 hours prior to the function day. Please enquire about the procedure to put this facility in place timeously.

  7. During busy time periods, "last round" for lunch reservations will be called at 16h30 and all remaining guests will be asked to leave the restaurant at 17h00. This allows the restaurant staff time to clean and reset the restaurant for dinner patrons.

  8. There is no venue charge for semi-private areas. In certain conditions, a private area will have a "minimum spending requirement" (excluding a discretionary 10% gratuity fee) attached to it. This will differ according to the size of the area and is calculated on the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in that area.

    The "minimum spending requirement" is defined as: the value of all the food that would be spent on average in an area. In the event of this minimum spending requirement not being reached, the outstanding balance is added onto the bill as a 'private function' charge. The outstanding amount may not be used to purchase takeaway wines, champagnes, spirits etc.

  9. Terms and conditions may be updated at any stage and this may be done without prior notification.